About Us

hi, my name is faith benitez. i’m an idea-haver, crazy head that loves with passion and owner of why we love austin.

they say that creativity is contagious. why we love austin is a community-focused, creativity-driven collaborative project of love, founded with a deep running passion for the city i am so grateful to call home. i love art, and thrive on experiencing it. this space is a means to fuel your creativity by spotlighting local artists, keeping you updated on area art happenings, and sharing the beautiful art postcards that the community submits.

(and a quick word on the later, i plaster the city with blank postcards that invite you to get creative. the idea of the postcards stems from my affinity for street art and my obsession with the creative process.  i love the idea of a forum that can be as anonymous or as forthcoming as the artist is comfortable. the postcard is to serve as a vehicle to your medium of choice.  if you see a postcard around town, pick one up, get literary, get crafty, get dirty, get creative and send it in! they are featured on the site every friday in a “postcard friday” post).

with love, as always,

ice cold

© all content, including photos, owned by faith benitez  & why we love austin, 2011-2017.



  1. Hello Faith! Did you change your blog design? I like it. Also wanted to say thanks for having me on your blog roll. I have that on my list to set up on my blog and it keeps getting moved to the next week’s page (I’ve been doing that too much lately). When I get my blogroll up whyweloveaustin.com will for sure be there.

    Look forward to more posts and glad to have a blogger buddy to connect with.

    • Hi Denise! I did change the design & there are more changes to come. I’m pretty excited about them! You are so welcome for being on my blog roll! I adore your blog – you make me laugh on a very regular basis!!

      And for the sake of being complete cheese… blogger buddy unite! 🙂

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