happy first friday of the year, y’all! how is 2017 treating you so far? mine has been pretty productive so far. right now, i am feeling all of the change that last year brought start to settle in my soul, and so now, it’s time for a meditated action.

as promised, I HAVE POSTCARDS to share with you! how about ’em, eh?


do you have adventures on mopac? i certainly have- it’s a crazy place to be most times of the day. i even have a friend that saw someone eating pho (soup, y’all) with chop sticks while sitting in traffic on mopac. you never know what you’re going to see, plus all the construction, i know i certainly feel like i should be decked out in climbing gear! not to mention the fact you CAN climb under mopac at the greenbelt. i’ve never worked up the courage to do it, but i’ve seen groups. and it’s pretty effing cool. just like this card! and, the map with sightings just makes me happy- the christmas dog sweater (um. is pets in ugly christmas sweaters a thing? if it isn’t, it needs to happen) and the funny rolling stones statue sighting just make me happy!

what do you think of today’s postcards? do you want to play? (yes, you do! it’s fun to get creative!)
send your creations to:
why we love austin
po box 40001
austin, tx 78704

i hope you have a wonderful first weekend of 2017- stay safe and be good to one another.
with love, as always,


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