a Year and Change



I know so many different people that have had a heck of a 2016. Nationally and globally there has been so many loses, so many tragedies, we’ve lost so many of our beloved musicians… icons that we looked to for guidance thru their music as we mended our broken hearts. We’ve lost so many beloved actors. It’s been a year that has been full of so many, many, many downs and heart ache. But on the other side of that, it has had so many, many ups. In between all those ups and downs have been one life change after the next.

My personal year in review:

  • 12/28/2015 My Grandpa, My PawPaw was admitted into the hospital.


  • 12/29/15 My husband and I decided to go ahead and take our anniversary trip/vacation to Marfa, and hike west Texas to celebrate 6 years and ring 2016.



  • 1/2016 We return and hit the ground running with family and work.
  • 1/2016 My PawPaw was admitted into Christopher House.
  • 1/2016 I had to say goodbye to one of my most favorite people.
  • 1/29/2016 My husband had his last day of his “9 to 5” to pursue his own venture.
  • 2/2016 We decide to put our house on the market.
  • 2/2016-5/2016 We deal with all the stresses of selling our house and the stress of finding a new home/putting in offers, etc.
  • 3/2016 We find the home we want to purchase. Made an offer that was accepted.
  • 3/2016 A company in town (I should, but won’t use their name) used my trademark “why we love austin” for their own purposes.


  • 3/27/2016 My niece was born


  • 3/2016-5/2016 We are still dealing with selling our house.
  • 5/2016 My husband turned 40.
  • 6/2016 We closed on our old house and our new home.
  • 6/2016 We move out of our old house to our new house in a weekend. (This may have been the craziest idea I had all year, btw).
  • 6/2016 Found out my uncle had been diagnosed with Lymphoma.
  • 7/2016 I go to Florida for a girls weekend, the weekend after we move into our new house (I hadn’t even started unpacking. Fun and a needed getaway, but. Again. Crazy).
  • 7/2016 We find out we had to IMMEDIATELY start remodeling (insurance purposes)
  • 7/2016 We attempted to plumb/tap into the public water source, only to find out the property we purchased had not been legally subdivided.
  • 7/2016 We start the legal subdivision process.
  • 8/2016 We start remodeling.



  • 9/2016 We finished the major part of remodeling.
  • 10/2016 I turned 35. Went on a 9.5 mile hike to celebrate.



  • 11/8/2016 WTF
  • 11/2016 Found out my uncle was cancer free.
  • 12/2016 I decided to change Real Estate brokers
  • 12/2016 My husband’s best friend and business partner had to say goodbye to his sister.
  • 12/31/2016 We celebrate our 7 year anniversary and welcome, with warm open arms, 2017.


With the new year, I am hopeful that things will get a little more back on track. Next week, we’ll get back on our normal schedule with some postcards. But, for now… hug tight those that you love. Let your bygones be bygones. Look forward to what you have in front of you present. And smile- your sense of humor will get you through even your toughest day/week/month/year.

2016. It’s been real. But, I for one, am glad to see you out. 2017… Please be gentle.

With love, as always and always,





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