unique, new york

my mind is a little foggy lately. maybe it’s the in-between seasons that has my head scrambled? or maybe allergies? or maybe i need to sort through some things? or… maybe i’m reading too much into it? i’m guessing it’s a combination of the former and the later. how have you been feeling? did you have a good week?

how about these postcards?! the sketch of the met comes all the way from NYC – how cool is that?

i love the perspective lines of “the met NYC” and the simple shading – they make the line drawing pop with depth, giving shape to the flat paper. it always amazes me that you can absolutely transform something flat to dimension. and, now about the wonderful geometry of “real love has boundaries?” i love the shapes and the warm, juxtaposed circle… it’s kind of like the heart within the love’s boundaries. what do you think? does real love have boundaries?

do you want to share something you’ve created? please do! send it to:
why we love austin
po box 40001
austin, tx 78704

i hope everyone out there has a beautiful weekend- take care and be good to one another.
with love, as always,


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