baby dragons

it’s been a while since our last postcard friday post, huh? i took a little bit of a break from putting any postcards out- my life had been a little hectic… i didn’t realize selling your house and then buying a new one could turn one’s life inside out… it did. things are finally settling- all the boxes have been unpacked and recycled or Craigslisted, i’ve settled into my new home and in my new surroundings, figured out my new grocery store (it’s an HEB Plus… it’s pure magic!), and learning my new house and all that makes it my home. all of that to say, things have finally slowed down, and i am getting out to place postcards out around town again, and they have begun coming in! (so, be on the look out for why we love austin postcards!)

what do you think of them? i, of course, love them- the photo of the CRAZY flower is amazing- what kind of flower is that? it totally looks like something out of a dr seuss book! the kiddo one makes me smile- i’m guessing mya tt is her name? what are your guesses? what do you see? and… omg. baby dragons… please do yourself a favor and take a poke on the site the artist left on her postcard. all her dragon creations are adorable!

if you see a postcard around town, please pick it up, get creative and send it in. if you don’t see a postcard, you can still play by sending in some artwork to:
why we love austin
po box 40001
austin, tx 78704

i hope everyone out there has a safe, lovely weekend!
with love, as always,


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