the light the heat

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*happy* friday, y’all. is it me, or did this week fly by? oddly, this year has been seemingly slow, and then the first week of may, *poof* the first week of may, gone.

in the light of all the news stories this week, i feel this card is rather appropriate. “open your eyes,” world. simple, powerful, honest and effective. what do you think? while this is not a political space, it is a safe space that lends room for conversations and open dialogue – how do you feel about the state of political affairs these days?

don’t feel comfortable voicing your opinion? draw or write your thoughts out on a postcard instead, and send them to:
why we love austin
po box 40001
austin, tx 78704

i hope everyone has a lovely, safe and fun filled weekend- be good and take care of one another!
with love, as always,


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