i’ve been thinking about words lately, y’all. more specifically, my southern dialect. the different words i use that seemingly differentiate me as being from texas. and not to mention, it seems the older i get, the more you can hear the undertones of a soft drawl peeking through in my voice. what about you? what words do you use that give clues to your listener where you are from? do you have a drawl? (i used to not have one. it’s kind of weird).

this weeks card is so sweet. i love the happy, loving family. the hearts on each of them is such a sweet detail, it makes me want to go hug my mom and dad. and the word “together” centering the family, making them a unit. the table is the nucleus, centering everyone together to grow as a unit and act as a conduit of the love shared between ella, mum and dad ❀

want to send in some postcard art? send it to:
why we love austin
po box 40001
austin, tx 78704
or email it to

what do you have planned for the weekend? i’m looking at a busy schedule, but i’m glad it is friday! now, y’all go be awesome and take care of one another.
with love, as always,


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