little husky

i went to see pee wee’s big holiday at the drafthouse last night. there was a q & a with paul reuben, judd apatow, paul rust & john lee. it was magical. so magical, i may have a special saturday post so i can share all the photos i snapped. to top it off, i got to sit next to my best friend (we sealed the deal with friendship bracelets) dressed as miss yvonne. you can watch the spoiler free q & a here, but you’ll want to fast forward to the 1:09:52 mark, unless you want to watch the words “netflix, a netflix original film, pee wee’s big holiday” for an hour. but, that part is up to you.

so, with all of that, i am happy to share with you this weeks postcards! i am so loving the weird baby with the university of connecticut’s little husky shirt. it’s strange, beautiful & funny- it’s something with the eyes. am i right? what do you think? and a kiddos rendition of the thinkery! it’s perfect! there is the playscape, the stairs the giant size light bright room, the water station… so perfect. i happen to love the light bright room… what is your favorite activity at the thinkery?

what do you think of this weeks postcards? do you want to send one in? (of course you do!) send it to:
why we love austin
po box 40001
austin, tx 78704


use the hashtag #whyweloveaustin

i hope you have a great weekend- stay safe and take care of one another!
with love, as always,


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