sunny side of life

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my husband has pointed out that in some cosmic way, the universe aligns the delivery of postcards that coincide with the theme of my life during any given week. this week is no exception.

i’ve been in a weird space (i’ve mentioned it before, i know. i’m sorry for bringing it up again). i’m in the process of figuring everything out while wanting to simplify my life. i’m not ready to sell everything and move somewhere else, but i certainly day dream about it. and when i hear about people doing it, i make them my hero. so welcome, new friends. i hope this city continues to exceed your expectations and you keep getting to walk your dogs in beautiful places! maybe we can set up a doggy date? and i can pick your brains on your transition?

do you ever day dream about packing up and moving? where would you go? are you inspired to create? if you are and you want to share, send it to:
why we love austin
po box 40001
austin, tx 78704

email it/hashtag it

hope everyone out there has a lovely weekend, and survives the traffic hell brought to us by potus and sxsw (or as a marquee i saw the other day displayed, potusxsw). now, go be awesome.
with love, as always,



  1. My husband and I did the exact same thing almost 5 years ago, except instead of from cold England it was cold, snowy, desolate Cleveland, OH. We sold everything we owned, literally, moved down here with our little girl and haven’t looked back since. Love this city. ❀

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