making the leaves dance

today is a good day. not only is it friday, i get to spend sometime with my grandmother, meann. it’s been a rough past few days as i continue to navigate my way thru the mourning process and grief of losing my grandpa, pawpaw. it’s been just over a month. there are good days, and bad days. mostly lately, it’s been a whole lot of missing. so, my time spent with meann will be filled with loving.

as always, i love the postcards i get to share with you today. i always get so excited when a kiddo sends in their art- the raw creativity of a young mind is so refreshing and inspiring. and “a few items from the lab:” makes my brain twist and turn in a wonderful way, and i love the image that comes to mind with the last line “would that the winds make the leaves dance” (suiting for my current emotions, i must say). what do todays cards inspire in you?

do you have plans for the weekend? tomorrow, saturday (2/27/2016), there will be a collaborative art show between jonny stranger and bort at once over coffee bar at 7pm. i will be there, so stop by and meet them, check out their badass art and maybe say hi to me!

whatever you do end up doing, stay safe and take care of one another. happy weekending, y’all.
with love, as always,


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