her name is shae

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happy valentine’s day, y’all. i’m not a huge fan of valentine’s day, but i do love any excuse to show my loved ones i love them. i also love hearts and the color red and i saw some super cute sugar skull valentine cards the other day (they came with GLITTER tattoos, y’all). so maybe i am a closet case cupid. i don’t know. but, i digress.

i thought that in the spirit of the day of love, a little bit of film noir would be fun, and what a perfect card too. a love poem. it seems to have little hints of sadness, but what is love without the hardships of love lost and love sick?

the poem on the back of the card…
she was the physical embodiment of the city austin in the flesh. a glowing spirit from the high desert, shining over her surroundings and lifting the spirits of all those who surrounded her. the curves of her body rolled as the hills, and shone golden in the light of the texas sun. she was wild and untamed. weird, spirited and kinky, and fun! always moving, always going. doing something, anything. ambitious to a fault, with a burning desire to accomplish all with time to spare. she longed to be surrounded by the old and the new. enveloped in both the familiar and the unknown. she was smart, open, and forward thinking. a california spirit emerging from the land, as her golden hair twisted like the curves and crags of the ancient limestone riverbeds cascaded from her brow… (tbc)

it’s beautiful. the artist captured her spirit in her portrait- i see her spirit in her eyes. what about you?

are you inspired? do you want to send in art? (or course you do!) send it to:
why we love austin
po box 40001
austin, tx 78704

i hope you all have a wonderful, love-filled weekend. be good to one another.
with love, as always,


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