squirrel/flamingo relationships

i’ve been feeling so much resolve to get things done. i told a good friend of mine that something with the passing of my grandfather has knocked some weird zen into place somewhere within me. the getting things done might be a little messy and emotion filled, but lots of little things are coming to a t and in the middle of all the crazy emotion, i’m centered enough to let things happen. it’s an oddly wonderful place to be.

speaking of wonderful places… how wonderful are these postcards? have you ever seen an oil painting on a postcard? it is effing amazing. local artist emily coleman sent it in. it is part of her project where she paints/draws/creates the likeliness of persons that like her facebook page. fantastic, huh? (in fact, stay tuned for an interview with her)! and the canoe? a squirrel and a flamingo, taking a ride in a canoe?! it just makes my whimsy heart so happy. the words, “fosters” and “spontaneous,” i love it! do you have any “squirrel/flamingo” relationships?

i always love a good collage.  especially when it involves beer. (it’s friday. i must have beer brain…). beer, chicken shit bingo, live music, barbecue, top notch… pretty much sums up a quintessential atx in my eyes. what do you think?

what inspires you? send in a postcard with your response to:

why we love austin
po box 40001
austin, tx 78704

or you can email it too (it is 2016, after all), to faith@whyweloveaustin.com

i hope everyone out there has a happy friday and a wonderful weekend. be good to one another.
with love, as always,






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