bah humbug


i am sorry. i am one of those ass holes that doesn’t like christmas. i used to love it, but the older i get, the more i dislike it.

before you write me off as a complete ass hole, let me explain. i always love getting together with my family to eat feast, drink good drink and just spending time with those i love the most. what i hate about the impending holiday season is the pressure of buying gifts. i have a small family, but we get something for everyone. in christmas past i’ve suggested reeling in our “buy shit for each other” ways and just focus on the “true meaning of christmas.” i get enthused nods and agreements, but now that i’m looking down the barrel of christmas present(s), i’m trying to keep my shit together enough to buy and make the gifts for those that i love the most instead of running away. granted christmas future will just be waiting my return.
with love, as always, though,
aka scrooge


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