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you remember the interview i had with jan heaton, the watercolorist? (if you need a reminder, you can go back to see here). she says”My art is the sum of everything I know, observe, remember, and love.” several times a year, jan shares her love of art and watercolor thru teaching a watercolor technique class at the Contemporary Austin Art School at Laguna Gloria.


in fact, she has a class running tomorrow (12/5-12-6) from 11am-4pm. the workshop is open to anyone interested in watercolor.

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the class is meant to be smaller and more intimate, limiting the space to 10 students. jan will guide you thru 35 different watercolor techniques, letting you explore the many options of applying pigment in the watercolor medium and finding the balance between spontaneity and control.

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students will also explore “the various experimental techniques and tools that can be used to create a finished painting. Activities include demonstrations, group feedback, and instruction regarding techniques in both realistic and abstract formats. Discussions of abstract painting, composition, and color mixing, as well as student-instructor consultations.”

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a few weeks ago, i received an email from jan asking if she could include a wwla creativity session in one of her classes. i of course said “uh, heck yes!”

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so, in recent workshop, she had her students complete postcards…


how amazing are they?! each of them are so beautiful, so different, so INSPIRING.

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each of them tell me something different. each of them utilizing a different approach to laying color on paper.


all of them stunning pieces of art that i am so overjoyed to get to share with you. thank you, jan, for including me in on your class and inspiring your students and me!

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if you’d like more information about jan’s class tomorrow, here is a direct link to register.

now, go be awesome ❤
with love, as always,


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  1. Thank you Why We Love Austin. I always look forward to teaching at The Contemporary Austin – Art School at Laguna Gloria. We will be painting this weekend, but the class is full. I will be teaching two workshops in Spring 2016. The workshops (11- 4 each day) are scheduled for January 23 & 24, and March 19 & 20. The course will be based on the farmers’ market series I have been painting for the last two years. Priority member registration for the Spring 2016 semester is December 7 & 8, 2015. (Call 512-323-6380 Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm.) Public registration opens December 9, online, call, or walk-in. More info on the course, Marketplace, at janheaton.com

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