for the record

yesterday, i decided to share a postcard that i received that tickled me. i know it wasn’t friday and i shared a postcard, but this postcard wasn’t necessarily “art.” it had been one i had been sitting on for awhile and finally was all like “oh, what the heck” and shared it on the why we love austin social media platforms. i am overwhelmed by the response it received. for those of you that don’t know what postcard i’m talking about, you can see it here. the responses were so positive and bright, it made my heart swell! but, you see… i have to say for the record, that postcard made me laugh when i pulled it out of the why we love austin po box… and, in another positive spin, the postcard created conversation, which is exactly what wwla aims to do. so, sorry sir or madam; your hilarious snark created something even more powerful and all the more awesome than maybe originally intended โค

but, i digress. these postcards, though. the groovy, psychedelic cat and bach! they bring sunshine to me on this dark and stormy morning. what do they bring to you? what do they say? what do they make you think about? the cat makes me think of the psychedelic 60s tv and bwv 997 makes me think of beautiful music and how i used to play clarinet.

a very happy halloween to y’all! everyone have fun, stay safe and take care of one another.
with so much love, as always,


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