dandelion wishes

this week has been a quiet one. a dentist prescribed one at that. my wisdom teeth came out tuesday and i’ve been taking it easy. but, my reprieve is over… i’m back to the land of the living, and happily so, because i get to share these lovely postcards with you!

a practice i learned way back when i began studying photography, was to take a photo and sit with it. look at the details, look at the lines, look at any expressions, look at any color, look at the focus… and really start to think about what you are feeling as you look at the image. so, i ask you. what do you see in these images? what emotions come up for you?

the hot pink juxtaposed against the black makes the pink pop in the most wonderful way. i love the simple shapes, the placement of each and the use of the crease in the postcard, running up like a stem or a vein. the shapes make me think of dandelions, and wishes on a clear summer day.

and, love IS a whole loaf of bread, not just the crumbs… in my house, bread=love. while i savor every last crumb, i want to eat the whole loaf! so, to interchange love for bread, i savor every bit of love that comes my way, but it’s absolutely delectable when i get to have a whole loaf of love.

as always, if you have any art or inspiration whims you’d like to share, you can mail them to:
why we love austin
po box 40001
austin, tx 78704

or keep it space aged by sending them to faith@whyweloveaustin.com or hashtagging them on the socials medias with #whyweloveaustin

now, go be awesome. with so much love, as always,


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