i’m going to be an aunt!


i had stopped by my brother’s house a few weeks back to drop off a little something for he and his wife. he happened to be there, so i got to visit with him for a little while. he told me excitedly, “hey! i finally did a postcard for you, it’s in the mail.” tired and oblivious, i was all like “cool!” and didn’t think anything further. (other than, “yeah! i can’t wait to get an alex original!”)

so, expecting the card, i checked my po box within the next couple of days, and sure enough there was a card in it. i knew it was from my brother before i got it out, but when i took a look at it, it took my brain a second to register and realize “alex sent this in.” my eyes brimmed with tears, i ran to my car and immediately call him, saying through my tears “are you serious?” when he answered the phone.

ladies and gentlemen, MY BABY BROTHER IS GOING TO BE A DAD!!! i cried when i got the card, i cried when i saw alex and his wife (allison) the next day, i have teared up each time i’ve told anyone, i cried when alex and allison made their announcement (an adorable photo of daddy socks, little baby socks and mama socks, hanging on a clothes line), and i’m tearing up as i write this (my family has been making fun of the waterworks… i don’t blame them, i think it is pretty funny too). the tears are how the joy is manifesting… i am so overjoyed and filled with the love of creation and shear happiness for my little brother and his new family. little baby, i love you so much and i cannot wait to meet you. we’re going to have fun ❤

as always, if you have any art or inspiration whims you’d like to share, you can mail them to:
why we love austin
po box 40001
austin, tx 78704

or keep it space aged by sending them to faith@whyweloveaustin.com or hashtagging them on the socials medias with #whyweloveaustin

now, go be awesome. with so much love, as always,


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