grown-up thoughts

as a child i assumed that when i reached adulthood, i would have grown-up thoughts. ~David Sedaris

what a week it has been! i started my week with a much needed trip to see my acupuncturist. to be completely open, i tend to get myself into this emotional pits where everything seems to be weighing down on me. instead of being “child-like,” i start scrutinizing myself and i forget that i am capable of fun and happiness, and that is just not a very bright, productive, love filled place to be. so, after a few needles and taping, i am feeling like my goofy self again. the stress of boring bills and other gross “adult” things have been replaced with my sense of wonderment and dizzying creative thoughts. it’s a relief to say the least!

as per the usual, i love the cards that came in this week. the fox is beautifully intricate (almost lacy), the happy dillo is adorable (and happy!), and “people like you” is heart warming ❤

what gives you dizzying creativity? what inspires you? what helps you to keep ahold of your inner child?

i’d love to see your inspiration put to work! you can send them to:
why we love austin
po box 40001
austin, tx 78704

or, if you prefer the new age of doing things, you can email me or tag your social medias with #whyweloveaustin

happy friday, y’all. go be awesome.
with love, as always,




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