seeing things in different light

earlier this week, i shared a ralph waldo emerson quote on all the social media hubs (you know, the book of faces and instagram. i think i somehow missed twitter), that has been my attempted mantra this week.

what lies behind you and what lies in front of you pales in comparison to what lies inside of you ~ralph waldo emerson

you can worry all you want about things that have happened in the past or stress all you want about things that haven’t happened yet, but it won’t do you any good (i know that is so much easier said than done- it’s been one of those weeks). our bright fire is in the present and thats the one thing we have control over- our fire and how we chose to build it. nothing compares to how it gives us everything we need exactly when we need it. when i worry, it only gives me stress headaches and stomach knots. (and poop on those, thanks). these postcards help me to build my fire. (i’m in love with the little yellow dude with the green hair… am i right?!).

what stokes your fire? what inspires you? what moves you forward to be the best version of your self?

i’d love to see you creations! you can send them to:
why we love austin
po box 40001
austin, tx 78704

alternatively, you can email me or tag us on all those social media hubs with #whyweloveaustin

i hope you have a wonderful weekend. now, go be awesome ❤
with love, as always,


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