i love my job

i love my job

what a week it has been! i am blown away with all the love & support & words of encouragement i have received. so a very humble, very gracious thank you to all of you; why we love Austin wouldn’t be what it is without you.

as it is [postcard]friday morning, i bring you a postcard by rana ghana, from the Challenger Newspaper. have you heard of this particular periodical? it’s been awhile since i’ve seen one, so i looked up their website and fell in love with their mission statement (i encourage you to poke around on the site):
“Our mission is to empower people in need with economic opportunity and have their viewpoints heard.  This paper uplifts and gives information to our most under-represented people.  It encourages responsibility and freedoms necessary to enhance our everyday life.  The people we serve have a wealth of information to share with society.  The paper contributes, informs, and connects diverse people from all walks of life.  The challenge is to end poverty.”

i hope everyone out there has a lovely, safe weekend that is promising to be hot and awesome. be lovely and take care of one another,
with love, as always,


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