time portal devices

last year, i wrote about a street art find on telephone poles (you can see the original post here). i had been on a lady date with my best friend, and as we walked down S 1st, i found each pole had been adorned by a photo and/or a relic. i was fascinated by all the little altars, lining the street. over the months, i’ve seen a few other pieces in other parts of town, but the majority of them, have all been on S 1st.

in a beautiful twist of fate [via the Interwebs], the artist (whom wishes to remain anonymous, so will be called “stranger”) and i crossed paths. after a few emails back and forth, the stranger agreed to an interview! so, we met at bouldin creek coffee (right in the heart of where most of the poles are adorned) to share grilled cheese, sip lemonade and chat about the project.

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“i want to make something ordinary to be beautiful; it’s a collaborative artistic thing.” the stranger takes photos of people known and unknown (never without camera, he will take photos of people he meets, friends and objects/places). once the film is developed (FILM!!), and the images printed, he wraps each photo in plastic or tape, as a means to not only protect the photograph from the elements, but to offer the subject a sort of wish of healing and protection.

the past few months, the poles have been getting more intricate with their adornment, with stuffed animals, tutus, silk plants, beads/costume jewelry. when i asked about the additions, the stranger replied “i am trying to reclothe the poles. i put different objects in places where [i think] they will be appreciated. i put a tutu on one of the poles, only to find it had come down… a few days after, someone put another one up!”

“[i see the phone poles] as energy chakras within the neighborhood.” they are each little stops, little altars of pieces of time, holding energy of past, present, future. “they are time travel devices!”

doing the majority of his work at night, (by day he is a writer) he sees it as a way to decompress and help to develop his characters in his writings. so, if ever you see a stranger working in the night to adorn these little altars, go talk to him, and you’ll see that he isn’t a stranger at all. he’ll probably even take your picture ❤

with love, as always,


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