cricket crackers

cricket crackers

this postcard made me laugh when i pulled it out of the po box! it reminded me of one of my favorite jokes… “how can you tell someone is paleo? …don’t worry, they’ll tell you” (the joke also works when you swap “paleo” with either vegans or crossfitters). oh, laughing is so good!!

did you know that you can purchase CRICKET FLOUR? i didn’t know it was a thing until i saw this postcard and thought “hmm. i’m curious. is there such thing as a cricket cracker?” lo and behold… there is! a company called crickers makes and sells them. AND, for those of you into cooking… you can purchase your own cricket flour. (i found it on amazon for $11 here), so you could make your own.

thankyou, @oversharielle for sending in such a funny postcard; i love it when i can go down into a funny rabbit hole. Go give Arielle some love on her Instagram (the aforementioned @oversharielle)- she’s a local comedienne with some funny, funny posts!

have you eaten crickets? have you had or made cricket crackers? where you inspired?

get creative! send in your creations; your art, your poems, your short stories, your photographs:
why we love austin
PO BOX 40001
austin, tx 78704

go be awesome. with love, as always,


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