little weirdos without masks

without a mask

i’ve been a busy little bee this week [buzzzz]. in addition to my 9-5 (though it is far from a 9-5, but i like the way it sounds, so you can just interchange 9-5 with “job” if you prefer to keep it literal), & my day-to-day chores (talking care of my dogs, trying to keep a relatively clean house), i’ve been throwing myself at a few projects.

one of the projects, i’m not ready to share yet. (soon enough… i’m still pressing out some details). but i will say, i am so super stoked on sharing.

the other project is training. i’ve decided that the best way for me to celebrate my birthday this year is running a half marathon. i’m going to be fucking 34. it’s crazy to think about age, isn’t it? with training, i’m working on endurance with longer, slow paced runs & then short runs with bursts (sprinting and then walking for a quick break). in addition to strength training to help build the muscles in my legs. (squats, burpees, lunges, step-ups, torture). any advice for training?

so, this weeks postcard seems to fit right in with what my life has been looking like! i love the line “because i can walk here and there without a mask, or with one so i choose no matter it does not make a difference…” i go in and out of my days with different masks. and i’ll be the first to admit… i’m a little weird. what about you?

here’s to being little weirdos together.
with love, as always,


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