dear friday, i love you so much

i love you so muchit’s friday, so that means i get to share with you a postcard that came in this week! i love the “i love you so much” – both in physical form and in replicated postcard art form. it’s such an iconic image that has become synonymous with austin. (i feel like i can say that because i have overheard tourists getting very excited that they found the “i love you so much” wall while i’ve sat in the snack bar parking lot for markets).

at any rate, thank you, sarah h for sending in such a great postcard ❀

you want to send in some art? you can do so by snail mailing to:
Why we Love Austin
PO Box 40001
Austin, TX 78704

i hope everyone has a lovely weekend. spread some love and take care of one another!
with love, as always,


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