“I’ve got to find a better coping mechanism
I’m falling apart, disintegrating in the schism
Is it a show or is it realism
Lost and found and then I was locked up in a prison

I better find a more suitable solution
Before I reach the most predictable conclusion
To be the victim of my personal delusion
Just to find that I’ve been living an illusion” -Shovels and Rope, Coping Mechanism

it’s funny how the universe works. this postcard couldn’t have graced my po box at a better time…

i’ve had a really rough week dealing with panic attacks- something i haven’t had to do for quite sometime now. in fact, i was surprised when the first attack came on. the words out of my mouth were, “i thought i was done with those.” thankfully, i’ve been able to use the coping mechanisms i’ve learned to redirect my focus and pull out of the self perpetuating cycle of attack after attack, but (obviously) need to learn how to cope with my stresses. do you have panic attacks? what do you do to cope? i’ve been running, creating and netflixing.

keep the art coming! you can send me something pretty to be featured:
Why we Love Austin
PO BOX 40001
Austin, TX 78704

i hope everyone has a lovely, low-anxiety, relaxing weekend!
with love, as always,


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