pet centric

one of my most favorite things about austin is how pet centric it is. everyone loves their pets as family. this past saturday, i was driving home from an errand, going up oltorf street, when i saw what looked like a miniature schnauzer in the middle of the street. also in the middle of the street was a car that had stopped traffic in attempts to lure the dog out of the middle of the street. to no avail, i saw the dog dart back into the busy street and thankfully, run back into the neighborhood (a different human was on foot, herding the dog AWAY from the street). me being me, my heart started racing (all i could think about is one of MY dogs darting into traffic) and quickly detoured around the block to see if i could gain on the dog. sure enough, i was able to (and was privy to see the on foot human still running after the dog). i pulled over and got out of my car (calmly and not looking directly to the dog, which is what you are supposed to do, by the way). the dog then ran into a yard, sat a minute while i attempted to sit on the curb with my back to it, and then ran toward the back of the house. meanwhile, the human on foot approached AND the car that had stopped traffic pulled around. we greeted one another and made sure the dog was secure in the backyard. all was well… that was one lucky dog, y’all.

as i was driving away, all i could do was think more about my dogs and just how cool it was that not one, not two, but three sets of humans went out of their ways to make sure the well being of the runaway dog was kept intact. is there anywhere else that this would happen?

because i can’t help myself, i will share with you photos of my own babies; nixon, charlie, and jazz.

with love, as always,


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