sxsw2015 – recap

Admittedly, I didn’t do any SX sanctioned events or shows. I guess that is a bit of a testament to my age. Or maybe it was due to the fact I started a 21 day cleanse on Thursday, and was zapped of any sort of resemblance of energy those first couple of days. I did, however, participate in two incredible events – Rockabilly vs Punk 5 on Monday night at Flamingo Cantina (3/16) and the party on Wednesday afternoon at Alta’s Cafe.

Drew Edwards, of Halloween Man Comics, put yet another knock out battle together again this year (you can see years pasts here and here). I was honored to be called the “unofficial/official judge” of the evening to call the draw. The past 4 years, Rockabilly had stolen the show, but this time around, it was Punk Rock, hands down. I don’t know what was in the air that night, but all the punks stole my heart and threw down an incredible fight. I was expecting Rockabilly to take the show again. Punks winning did not, however, in anyway, put a damper on my girl crush on Jamie Bahr of Danger*Cakes. Edwards, you’re a lucky man, you.

It was an absolute blast (& I had a great time “judging” the contenders). I even got zombie-ized by Jeremy the Artist (I think I make a pretty decent looking zombie, eh?)

Then, on Wednesday, This Town Press put together a great party for Why we Love Austin & it couldn’t have been on a better day; the weather was perfect. (I had been so worried as I watched the weather forecasts on my handy dandy iPhone that it was going to be rainy, rainy). The all the bands that played were terrific, the crowd that came thru were happy and fun, and Alta’s was (as Valerie, of This Town Press, would say), “the tits.” Located right behind The Four Seasons, on a dock over the water, it was quintessentially “why we love Austin.”

In the middle of all the bands, I was able to set up a small post office with a ton of blank postcards to pass out (I even had crayons and pencils ready for the use!). I am excited to share all of the postcard over the next several Fridays!

What were your favorite events of SXSW2015? Or are you old like me?
With love, as always,


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