Frosted & Glittered

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Once upon there was a little girl named Faith. She had to grow into her lips and her eyes & she always lived in her imagination. Her lips and eyes are now proportionate, but she still lives in her thoughts. (Full disclosure… My thoughts mostly comprise of building an empire of creativity, my dogs, my husband, my family/friends and food (& not necessarily in that order)). Some[a lot of]times worry and anxiety takes over my thoughts. It’s been one of those weeks. A lingering headache hasn’t helped, but being an imaginative thinker, those emotions tend to rear their ugly heads as demons of thought. Over the years, I’ve developed different coping mechanisms, but am always open to your own battle tactics. (Please feel free to share in the comments below or email me at

But, I completely digress. How about these cards, eh? (“Frosted & Glittered” is complete with glitter, y’all. That’s a sign of a great day and happy thoughts. And Leonard Nimoy? Another sign. Scientifically speaking, of course. Be gone demon thoughts!) What inspires you? Glitter? Leonard Nimoy? Poetry? Nature? What ever it is, get creative! Send us a postcard or an old fashioned love note. You can send it to:
Why we Love Austin
PO Box 40001
Austin, TX 78704

And speaking of glitter… SXSW is breathing down our necks. Are you participating? (WWLA has some fun things planned, so stay tuned for some special updates). Anything we shouldn’t miss?

Happy Friday, y’all!
With love, as always,


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