a tribute in a postcard


Happy Friday, y’all! It’s postcard Friday in the land of Why we Love Austin! I’m fairly certain I know who sent in this anonymous card. For these purposes, we’ll just call him “dad.” (Thank you, Daddy, for sending in this cool postcard and loving me and all the ventures I take on!)

Since my dad isn’t too savvy [read, disinterested] in the interwebs, I’ll use this opportunity to brag on him a little without him getting “embarrassed.” He’s a humble guy that is full of talent. (You can see some of his other water color paintings here and here). Every birthday, for all family members, he paints up a card- specific to the individual (generally taking from what is going on in-the-life-of… like when I got my Element, it was a painting of me, driving my Element with the words “Faith in her Element!” Or the birthday that I was sewing what felt like a million aprons (with MaidenAustin- AKA, the subject postcard) and obsessed with wearing my combat boots almost everyday, that card was a gingham apron “ghost” wearing combat boots). (…yes, I realize there are parenthesis within parenthesis in that last sentence). While my dad isn’t painting cards, he is working hard at his architecture firm (him and his two other partners), BGK Architects (he being the “K”). He’s one of the only guys left that draws his designs (instead of using Auto Cad or the like)… hence the disinterested… but I digress.

Daddy has always been my constant. Always a shoulder to cry on. Always steady. Always diplomatic. Always eager to listen, even when he has to defer to “your mama might be a better person to talk to about that.” Daddy is my daddy, and forever will my daddy be.

I love you, Dad. Thank you for being you.

With love, as always,


PS – want to get creative & draw/paint/write/doodle on a postcard? They have started hitting the streets! I was asked (via Facebook) if just a mail in without the postcard would be ok. To that, I say TOTALLY! We love mail – postcards, art, love letters! Feel free to mail any and all of those to:
Why we Love Austin
PO BOX 40001
Austin, TX 78704

PPS – if you are interested in knowing more about MaidenAustin, you can read more here and visit our Facebook page here!



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