why we love


capitol buildingIt’s the dawn of the weekend, y’all. And it’s cool outside to boot! How are you celebrating your Friday (other than looking at all the why we love Austin postcards)? And speaking of postcards… how awesome is this watercolor of the Capitol?!

WWLA has plastered postcards all around town, in local businesses, posted on light poles and bulletin boards, taped to walls and picnic tables in parks… basically anywhere we can leave a postcard, a postcard has been left. So what I am saying is, there is a really good chance that you’ve seen one out. Pick it up and fill it out! Get literary, get crafty, get dirty, get creative and send it in. If for whatever reason you can’t find a postcard, you can request one by sending an email to faith@whyweloveaustin.com or send us some snail mail to:
Why we Love Austin
PO Box 40001
Austin, TX 78704

Happy weekending, y’all!
With love, as always,



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