Somewhere, I am….


We are half way to the weekend! And, so that means, we get to play “Where in the World Wednesday!” Do you know where this stamp is? Your correct guesses will earn you chance to win our monthly Where in the World drawing!*

This past month, we featured four different places around the ATX. The first Where in the World photo was taken at Elizabeth Street Cafe. You can see the original photo posted here, and the photo of the “whole” here! I love those deer… I want some for myself! The second Where in the World was the relocated Taco Bell Tree on HWY 71 (City of Austin saved the tree from being cut down due to highway expansion). The third photo was the skeleton horseman on top of Ben White Florist. Last weeks photo was one of the found object sculptures at The Austin Motel.

So, without further ado, I’d like to congratulate our winner (by drawing)… Shannon! Congratulations! I will contact you via Facebook to coordinate your winnings. In the meantime, y’all keep guessing!

With love, as always,

*Each month, we will compile all of the correct answers for each of the photos and draw a winner. Guess correctly and you’ll get a chance to win a gift card. One grand prize winner will win a gift card to a local eatery or business, everyone else will win bragging rights! Comment below with your answers, email us at OR comment on the Facebook post here. We will draw our next winner on September 3rd. Get to guessing, y’all- good luck!


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