weirdness is a way of life, y’all



Can I just start off by saying… I am blown away by all the postcards that came in over the past week! The creativity, the humor and the pure candidness makes my heart sing very happy songs. And it’s Friday to boot!

a way of life fartsbeer and rainbows live musicnothingoutdoor activitiesdrag queens

The postcard drop off places are growing by the day, chances are, if you are out and about, you’ll run into one.

Where can you pick up postcards?
Whole Foods
Central Market (South)
Central Market (North)
Austin Pizza Garden
In and around South Congress Shops and light poles
Snack Bar
Home Slice Pizza
HOPE Outdoor Gallery
Bouldin Creek Cafe
Lamar Pedestrian Bridge
Pease Park pedestrian bridge
Doug Sahm Hill
 Thundercloud Subs (Burnet/Houston)
Curra’s Grill
Prima Dora
Wild About Music 

The list is ever growing, but in the event you cannot find one while out or are a business that would like to keep some postcards at the counter, drop us a line at we’re happy to send/drop off some postcards!

Next week, we’ll be announcing this month’s winner- so be sure to stay tuned.
Happy Postcard Friday, y’all!

With love, as always,


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