Why do you Love Austin?

So, do you remember when you would look forward to Fridays not only because it was the dawn of the weekend, but because it was also “Postcard Friday” in the land of Why we Love Austin?! …I don’t expect you to- it was a life time ago in the world of the interwebs, but I sure do. To help jog your memory, this week I will be featuring a few of my most favorite postcards that came in, leading up to an exciting announcement about a new set of postcards hitting the streets this week. So, be sure to stay tuned so you know where you can pick some up! (Trust me… ย you won’t want to miss it. There will be prizes to be had!)



Why do you love Austin? Dogs and weirdos, to name a few.
Happy Monday, y’all! Hope everyone had a lovely, safe and fun 4th!
With love, as always,


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