Way of Life


I’m back, bitches! (Well, I’m not really calling you bitches. I’m just trying to convey my enthusiasm…) With some gentle coaxing from my husband and some insight on my part, I think I am finally prepared to unleash Why We Love Austin in full force. I’m sure there will be a lot of crying and bitching on my part. But, I just need to keep in mind that things that are worthwhile are generally the most heart breaking. If you could help remind me of this from time to time, I’d be eternally grateful.

So… today, I leave you with this gem. I found this amazing Marge while showing a South Austin home. She was just chilling in the backyard. Waiting for some sort of nuclear holocaust… or just being stylish. (I’ll take the later… 78704 is not just a zip code. It is a way of life.) Either way, I almost peed myself from laughing. I don’t hope you pee, but I do hope you laugh.

With love,


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