Punk Rock vs. Rockabilly 3

Drew Edwards of Halloween Man Productions is making me write this. I don’t know if I should be grateful (seeing as how I have could have birthed a baby in the time I last wrote. I didn’t, mind you… if that was the case, I shouldn’t have been drinking Lone Stars last night), or begrudging, simply because it has been 9mos since I’ve written. Grateful vs. Begrudging as it may, I owe last night’s festivities a proper salute. If you didn’t make it out to Punk vs. Rockabilly 3, then shame on you.

Drew had asked me to hold court as ‘unofficial judge,’ a position not to take lightly. So, I sat at my bench yielding my Lone Star as my gavel, I oversaw the great, local music contenders. And have to say, it was a great night for a throw down – the sky was clear and cool enough to dance without getting sweat in your eyes.

Drew Edwards

Drew Edwards of Halloween Man Productions

Representing the Punk Scene:
The Buzzkillers
Pocari Shred
The Wild Frenzies

Representing the Rockabilly Scene:
The Lucky Odds
Deuce Coupe

As the bands threw down, TheArtist Jeremy of My Talking Head created living dead masterpieces, turning each band member into zombies (Who doesn’t love a good zombie?) and Angie of Novela Jewelry set up shop, selling her wares to punk rock and rockabilly girls alike.

Live Zombie Drawings

Band members turned by TheArtist Jeremy (photo taken by TheArtist Jeremy)




Each band brought their all, pleading their case before this relentless unofficial judge and her jurors. (Relentless enough to accept a dance from Jeremy (TheArtist) during Deuce Coupe’s set, thanks Jeremy for the dance and laughing as I stepped on your toes).

The verdict of the Punk vs. Rockabilly case? We all were. (Except, not so secretly, Rockabilly! I can’t help it… I have rockabilly grease pumping through my veins. And I still have a mad lady crush on Jamie, front stunner of Danger*Cakes).

Who gets your vote?


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