And the winner is…

If you did not attend Halloween Man presents Punk Rock vs Rockabilly 2… you missed out. Host with the Most, Drew Edwards (aka Halloween Man) MCed the melodic throw-down at Flamingo Cantina.

The crowd was a mix of punks and pompadours, there to support their respected team. The air was thick with lonestars and whiskey as the rockabillies jump jived and the punks fist pumped the alcohol drenched air.

As I sat back and observed the spectacle, I knew in my heart of hearts the winner of this rumble. And then, as if to seal the deal, Dustin Stroud of Say Hello to the Angels said “I plead no contest… in a zombie apocalypse it’s the greasers that are going to be ok. They are the ones with the great hair, great style, beautiful women and fast cars.”

So, as self proclaimed ‘unofficial judge of punk rock vs rockabilly’ I do declare Rockabilly wins!

And ps… I’m pretty sure I have a girl crush on Jamie, lead singer and buxom bombshell of Danger*Cakes.



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