Please Excuse me While I Step on my Soap Box



I generally don’t like to get on my little soap box (that is typically left up to the husband to rant on), but today I pull it from its hiding place and dust it off. I read an article today that irritated me.

Last Friday, a club downtown hosted a “Silent Disco” where concert goers listened to the music with wireless headphones. Let me first ask, did I miss something? When did Austin go from the ‘LIVE music capital’ to ‘I’m going to a show, but listen on my headphones’?

Headphones are portable devices so you can listen to your recorded music on the go, while you workout, at home when you don’t want to disturb your spouse/partner/roommate. They are not used to be social. When I plug in, it generally means I don’t want to talk to anyone. Isn’t part of going to a show to be social? And, I must know… what did an unknowing onlooker think when he saw a group full of people, maybe bobbing their heads to some sort of dance music in silence? Creepy.

If you want to listen to music on your headphones, go on a run. Or become a DJ.

What are your thoughts? (And please… Feel free to tell me to get off my high horse).

You can read the article here



  1. Isaac

    I heard of such a thing becoming popular in, where else, Japan, it seems to be a style too. The comback of the ridiculously big headphones and people dance but to there own music.. which I find it just like going to work where we zombie out to music while we do our day to day chores. I think this is more of society going towards a social anti-social environment, bubble boy chic.

  2. I’m wondering why they don’t just stay home and watch via Skype. Live music is just that-LIVE. It’s not only about the connection between the performer and the audience, but the connection between all the people listening. Let’s hope this is just someone trying to experiment with an idea that we will all agree is not what a live musical experience is about.

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