’bout time I have an update, eh?

In lieu of my normal “Where in the World” post, (I promise, y’all… watch out for it next week. As usual, the first person to answer correctly will win a $10 gift card) I want to share with you something that came across my desk and I think is really way awesome.

Check it:


Eleanor and Kevin, from Austin no less, are the inventors of The Mounty. The two met doing product design consulting at Pump Studios. They became friends while designing products for inventors and creative companies and have been helping other people bring their ideas to market and now it’s their turn! With the help of Kickstarter, they hope to launch their first product.

They list very ‘Austin’ activities that The Mounty would be useful for… now I ask, what other uses can you come up with? For more information and/or to make a donation click here.


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