[Happy] Dancing in tha [Friday’s] Streets!


A little late, but… better late than never, right? I have a great postcard to share with you today. “[I love Austin because it is] diverse in culture and spirit.”

Other than being able to take my dog almost everywhere I go, this is probably the number one reason why I love Austin. Everyone here shares an interest in everyone else’s beliefs and cultures and ways of life. The shared interest is a wonderful, open curiosity with complete acceptance of other walks of life. (Now, I will admit that wasn’t necessarily the case for me during my middle school career – I was a huge dork and didn’t know how to make it look cool, so… my peers didn’t quiet have a shared, open curiosity when regarding me. But, hey. Every rule has to have it’s exceptions, right?)

Why do you love Austin? I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to drop me a line at faithloveaustintoo@yahoo.com or pick up a postcard and fill it out!

On the books next week, I have an interview with Mark and Kelly Tovar of ID Sodas, some awesome street art and why I love Austin in the fall posts. So be sure you stay tuned for the ‘regularly programmed’ awesome-ness!





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