Independence Brewing Co.

I love beer. Give me a pint of good beer and I’ll be a happy, happy girl. Give me a pint and take me on a tour of a brewery where the glass of golden amber happiness in my hand was crafted… well, then I am in hop heaven.

Hidden away on Todd Lane in South Austin, Independence Brewing Co. tirelessly crafts their passion – yummy beer.  For seven years now, they continue to craft  and bottle their amazing product by hand. (They will be having a party to celebrate their seven year anniversary on October 22nd, by the way!)

The tour of the brewery was led by Adam Gonzales- a tall, bearded very apparent lover of beer. He walked the group I was with around the cozy brewery and spoke of the history of the brewery and the process of brewing from start to finish. Every single bottle they produce has been loving crafted by hand. The most high-tech piece of equipment they use is a box (six-pack) folder. Independence is a true grassroots company that, quite literally, pours their passions out, one bottle at a time.




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