Downward Dog/Postcard Friday


You know what today is?! FRIDAY! (Of COURSE you knew that. It’s the day we live for, right? At least I know I do.)

The postcard today has been a pretty common theme- Austin is a very dog-friendly city. And I write this as I sit in a quiet little coffee shop courtyard with my own little pup, watching as all the other dog owners enjoy their sips of java next to their best friends. (Mine is currently sun bathing in a small patch of sun). I think it is wonderful, especially as an owner of a dog that loves to be on the go, that Austin business owners are accommodating of their people guests AND their canine guests.

So, two questions come to mind: 1. Where is your favorite place to take your pup? 2. Why else do you love Austin?

If you see a ‘Why we Love Austin’ postcard out, be sure to pick it up, fill it out and mail it in! You can also email photos to I’d love to hear from you!

As always, happy Friday, y’all!



One comment

  1. I have 2 dogs, but I don’t take them very many places because one is too old and it stresses him out and the other is too naughty. Like a poorly-behaved child, she usually has to be left at home. I did take her to the domain once and she did ok, but usually she barks and acts like she owns the place.

    This is why I also have a foster dog. I take him places because it helps get these little guys adopted. I wonder why it is that the two dogs that were rescues (the old guy was a foster and made me a foster failure) are so good and the one that came from a breeder (before I committed myself to rescues only) is a brat. Coincidence? I doubt it.

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