Our Lady, the Thoroughfare

And so, the lessons continue. I was going to lump street pronunciations in one post, but have come to the decision that there is just way too much to cover for one post… and a good teacher goes slow. Right?

The first street we will discuss is Guadalupe– one of my favorite streets in Austin.



Guadalupe (Gwad-a-loop), the main hub of a street that runs North/South through town. Starting at the river, cutting through downtown, separates the borders of Campus and ‘West Campus’, makes a split at 45th Street and finally ends its long, windy, weird journey at Airport Blvd.

So, now, let’s talk about the correct way to pronounce ‘Guadalupe.’ Gwad-e-loop-e, which I will say is correct, but only when you are speaking of ‘Our Lady.’ In the case of the thoroughfare, the way we pronounce it in these parts is Gwad-a-Loop. I can almost promise that if you ask directions “Can you please tell me how to get to gwad-e-loop-e?” you will get an eyebrow raise to question “where do you want to go?”

As I write this, I come to realize that our main thoroughfare of Guadalupe is runs pretty parallel to Our Lady- they both get you places. (Albeit that may be of a spiritual mind, so take that as you may).

In the meantime, Godspeed.



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