“There is no Place Like Home”

I have to thank a very dear friend of mine for the inspiration for today’s post. I began my day normal enough- the fight with myself to get out of bed, 3 cups of coffee, a breakfast smoothie and a phone conversation with said friend. During the conversation, The Wizard of OZ came up by her saying “And here I thought ‘the yellow brick road’ led to Kansas, but turns out, it leads to Austin.”

After laughing about it with her, I realized how true that is for me, especially as I sit, eating lunch at my favorite Whole Foods, people watching and thinking about my home. Every time I have ever left Austin, I made my way back. My family and friends are here (I can even name off what roles each of them play in relation to my roll of Dorthy… Ben, my husband is Scare Crow with his infinite amount of knowledge. Tara, the friend with this morning’s inspiration, has more heart than any one Tin Man could hold, and my Aunt Cindy would be cast as Lion.), my roots are here and quite frankly, Austin is a really cool place to be- we have metaphoric “Horses’ of a different color!”

Austin is my home, and it just so happens that it is the place ‘somewhere over the rainbow” because, really, “there is no place like home.”



  1. Love this post….it’s SO true. Going to share with my daughter who is missing Austin while she is away at college. If you think you don’t love Austin just try any place else…

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