hi, how are you


One of my most favorite street art/graffiti walls in Austin is singer/song-writer/artist, Daniel Johnson’s “Hi, how are you” frog on 21st and Guadalupe. Johnson was commissioned to paint the mural in 1993 by Sound Exchange (a bad ass record store that stood, in past life, on the famous Austin corner). When ownership of the building changed, the mural ALMOST met a white washed demise, but thankfully, a University of Texas student was able to convince the owners to spare it’s life, securing the mural’s place in Austin’s history… which allows me to say… “I’m fine… thanks for asking.”



One comment

  1. gs

    A lot you know…! This was done by an an anonymous ‘artist’ around 1975, along with a image of a flying eye ball, and another that memory fails to recall. Jonhston was commissioned to restore the graffiti. The frog is all that’s left.

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