Austin Art Car

Local artist Franziska Gonzalez drives an art car and I had the privilege to speak with her this afternoon about her influences, her family and her really cool car.

A third generation American with a family deeply rooted in tradition, her passion of painting manifests itself in the form of traditional Day of the Dead imagery, Frida Kahlo and the love of her family. The tradition of the Day of the Dead is a huge influence for her, as she has skeletons with the names of her grandparents, Prudencio and Rosita, on one side of her art car, “it is a way of keeping them with me,” Gonzalez says.

The art car took her about four and a half months to complete. All of the images are free hand paintings done in acrylic paint. “I am a painter… and pretty much paint everything. I even painted my bike. It is decorated with skulls and flowers.”

When asked what inspired her to have an art car she said that she “really likes art cars. And I love my car.”

To see more of her work visit her Facebook page here



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