The Grass is Greener

If you ever pass Ecology Action of Texas, located on 9th and the southbound IH-35 access road, you know they are always busy.  It is no surprise they are able to report on their website that “Landfills aren’t the only thing we impact. By using recycled instead of virgin materials, manufacturers are able to conserve resources and reduce pollution. The waste we diverted last year made a big difference to the quality of our air, water, and land. We recycled enough aluminum to save 232,000 kilowatt hours of electricity. The glass we recycled saved an equivalent of 4,432 gallons of fuel oil. The paper we recycled saved 16,924 trees and 6.9 million gallons of water as well as 3,285 cubic yards of landfill space and 4 million kilowatt hours of electricity.”

Yesterday, The Austin Business Journal reported on a story from Site Selection magazine called the Green Guide 2011, naming Texas the number eight state for sustainability and Austin as holding the seventh place position for cities.



The EV Charge Station at the Whole Foods Flagship store is old news, but I would like to point out that Whole Foods started out as a little store in Austin, TX.  I found a press release article from Coulomb Tech, the company responsible for the charge station that quoted Mark Dixon, Southwest Regional President in saying,  “Whole Foods Market is committed to supporting wise environmental practices, which means making decisions that positively affect the health of our planet, its people, and its resources.  It is our hope that by offering electric vehicle charging we can support alternative transportation and help Austin residents decrease their environmental impact.”

The article in Site Selection states “Top-ranking areas for sustainability don’t just pass restrictive laws or put token solar panels on every edifice. They nurture an ecosystem of business, institutions, government and individual citizens all striving to place a proper value on their locality’s limited resources, and sometimes to make or save money in the process.”

I love our green City.




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